About Us

Mission Statement:

Our construction team provides simple and affordable solutions for any exit strategy such as fix & flip, buy & hold, and large development projects.   Fortune Homes Construction's model is designed for real estate investors by real estate investors.


Fortune Homes Team has been developing real estate since 2011, and its Fortune Homes Construction division was created to specifically tailor to all types of real estate investors. From regular fix/flip and single unit buy/hold, to large-scale professional developments, Fortune Homes has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.  When recommending materials, we take into account what is popular in that particular neighborhood, so you can rent or sell your property quickly.  Unlike other general contractors, we don't depend on change orders to generate revenue. We want to get the scope correct at the beginning by anticipating everything required to make the property resale or rent ready to base all required inspections, which ensures confidence from the buyer or renter. This includes anticipating issues that are not seen on the surface based on past experience (example: mold behind walls, etc).  Our results will provide the confidence which allows you to sell or rent at top dollar.  You simply tell us if this project will be for sale or for rent, and we will provide an estimate tailored to your exit strategy.

Nhan Lam, Founder

Nhan Lam has a Masters Degree in Engineering from North Carolina State University and comes with over a decade of experience in residential real estate investing.  With this experience, he created a construction team that applies best industry practices to ensure product quality and efficiency.  He personally invests in real estate to include residential fix & flip, condo conversions, and land development.  This unique experience helped him create a construction team designed specifically for investors that do the same thing, but also for homeowners at investor prices.

Jim Mitchell, Project/Site Manager

Jim Mitchell comes with decades of residential construction experience.  As a retired veteran, he provides strong work ethic, discipline, and focus on good management to achieve more with less.  After joining our team in 2020, he provides site management and materials acquisition to projects where the scope is as simple as paint and carpet for rent, to as complex as converting rowhomes into multiple unit condominiums from the ground up.